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La Perla Signature

7,790.00 RSD

An elegant floral bouquet, as radiant, layered and confident as the woman who wears it.

What's behind the woman we see? This entrancing, floral scent is our house signature, inspired by our heritage and the many unique expressions of femininity it celebrates. Our founder Ada Masotti saw lingerie as a treasured pearl, ready to be discovered. Explore what lies beneath your layers of femininity and find the exquisite essence of La Perla. 

Like Ada's expertly crafted designs skimming your shape, we created this fragrance to celebrate your many layers, inside and out. While sparkling citrus top notes invite curiosity, the refined scent of violet leaves weaves its way delicately through the heart of this fragrance and combines with neroli to create a lingering floral verdancy. This freshness melts into floral jasmine muskiness, alluring as your self-assured smile. Beneath the surface, uncover another layer of your secret splendour – vetiver and woody base notes underpinning the opulence of the pearl, like your soft yet powerful self-confidence.

The translucent black of our glass bottle is collared with a grosgrain trim and crowned by a luminous pearlescent cap, reminiscent of soft, silk layers of expertly crafted La Perla lingerie. We've designed this petite 30ml size so it's easy to carry with you in a handbag or clutch, ready to remind you of the many layers of your feminine strength, day or night.

Olfactory Family Floral Woody

Top note

Violet Leaves
As intriguing as the woman wearing it, the green notes of our unique Violet Leaves Accord are fresh and delicately floral. They bring a layer of crispness, similar to just-cut grass or cooling cucumber, to balance the sweeter heart notes of the La Perla Signature bouquet. Violet leaves thrive in lush green climes, where their delicate floralcy can be carefully extracted. Our accord is created using innovative molecules to artfully capture the essence of the fresh green leaves.

Heart Note

The complex floral and spicy notes of Jasmine Sambac is a true celebration of feminine strength. Our Jasmine Sambac Absolute is part of the small collection of the highest quality of natural materials known as Orpur® from our partner Givaudan. This extraction comes from the white, star-shaped blooms in the Tamil Nadu region of southern India, where it's grown in the sun-drenched land's fertile soils and harvested before the monsoon season. The precious flower offers a rich, sweet sensuality that evokes warmth and reverence of beauty, befitting our Signature's celebration of layered femininity.

Base Note

Vetiver captures nature at its most raw, with hints of smoke, wood and earthy greens. Rich with notes of leather and nuttiness, this enveloping aroma makes a lasting impression. The exceptional vetiver in our signature fragrance is sourced from Haiti, where vetiver flourishes best, and is responsibly cultivated as part of a sustainability sourcing for shared value program. Our partner Givaudan has developed a new molecular process for the oil, to obtain a creamier, richer note with excellent diffusion. The resulting ingredient is part of the small collection of the highest quality of natural materials known as Orpur® (standing for Pure Origins) from Givaudan.

"For me, perfume is an invitation to reflect on beauty. Through this fragrance, I wanted to capture the enigmatic allure of the La Perla woman in a couture scent. I carefully chose each floral note for its bespoke elegance, designing each layer to be uniquely captivating. The result is a scent that's radiant, bold and sensual – like the woman who wears it."
Louise Turner

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