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La Perla Beauty Once Upon A Garden

34,790.00 RSD

A garden path leading you into a dream...

Once Upon A Garden transports you to that idyllic summer, full of youthful exuberance and anticipation for what adventures lie ahead. You're drawn into the heat of the summer night, with the feel of a cool breeze against your skin. The seclusion of the fragrant, flowering sweet pea holds your secret – an innocent first kiss. Is it a memory or a dream?

A delicately balanced, enduring scent, this fragrance wraps you innatural, cool sensuality. As a crisp breeze ushers you into the beauty of the night, the freshness of spearmint blends with vivid mandarin and pink pepper, punctuating the floral haze of raspberry leaf and ingenuous sweet pea at the heart of the reverie. The woodiness of earthy moss and patchouli grounds you, with a lingering trail that is curious and lush, a moonlit garden path leading you through a dream.

Once Upon A Garden is presented in a midnight blue bottle, reminiscent of a forbidden midnight tryst, while the pink cap represents the delicate sweet pea at the heart of this youthful fragrance. We designed our luxuriously crafted flacon to be refillable so that you can replenish your scent as often as you like while treasuring your original heavy glass bottle forever.

Olfactory Family Floral Green

Top note
Pink Pepper
Pink pepper, once considered to be as precious as gold and silver, is actually a berry with an exotic, floral nuance. Our pure and sustainable pink pepper oil provides a bright and optimistic top note, with its fresh, spicy-herbal impact and woodsy-rosy aura. A radiant and exotic way to usher you into the cool of the lush garden, with a unique sense of feminine adventure.

Heart Note
Sweet Pea
The fresh and ethereal, dewy green floral scent of Sweet Peas has been weaved into Once Upon a Garden like a breath of summer. Their sweet aroma and simple but beautiful blooms can be traced to southern Italy and Sicily, where the plant grew wild. Today, our perfumers must create a special accord, because no traditional or recent technique can extract the tenderness of the Sweet Pea scent. Their secret is transcribed by combining many different notes - natural flower oils and radiant molecules, to give the dazzling final impression of real, fresh sweet peas.

Base Note
Created by our perfumers to perfectly replicate the mystical mossy scent of a damp forest floor, our moss accord has warm, spicy and aromatic notes with hints of salty freshness. Lichens and moss offer a wholesome familiarity with a characteristic iodized trail, which grounds them in nature and earthbound simplicity.

"I created Once Upon A Garden to encapsulate the earthy pleasures of nature's wonderland. It's at once innocent and subversive, an olfactive game of moonlight and long shadows. Crisp spearmint contrasts with sweet raspberry leaf and timeless rose. Green mossy accents echo walking barefoot on summer nights, the air warm and senses heightened. It's a budding romance through the feminine gaze."
Caroline Dumur

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