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La Perla Let the Dance Begin

34,790.00 RSD

Make your every move as thrilling as a slow dance with racing heartbeats.

Feel your way through the rhythm as eyes meet and electricity sparks. Let the Dance Begin encapsulates the melodic harmony of high and bass notes that flow in flirtatious partnership.

Exotic and dreamy davana, spicy cardamom and black pepper are the opening notes of this enticing tune. They give way to the beating heart of tuberose, which meets with a crush of ylang-ylang and patchouli. Sandalwood deepens the tempo and ignites the flame of the final thrill, bringing balanced tension for an unforgettable, enduring trail.

The deep, passionate burgundy of the luxurious glass bottle and the grey anthracite cap make this flacon the ideal vessel for such a hedonistic and languorous scent. Made from recycled materials and easily refillable, the bottle is designed to provide romantic memories for years to come – this dance is the first of many.

Olfactory Family Woody Floral Gourmand

Top note
One of the world’s most ancient and valuable spices, Cardamom’s intensely aromatic fragrance comes from both the seeds and the husks, bringing a spicy, nutty lift with some earthy-sweet and smoky floralcy. Referred to as an aphrodisiac in Arabian Nights, its perfume is sometimes called the "Fire of Venus" because of its alleged ability to attract the opposite sex. In Let the Dance Begin we are delighted that our cardamom is responsibly sourced, knowing it will have but a very positive impact on our power of attraction.

Heart Note
Considered to be among the most fragrant in perfumery, these waxy white flowers are now cultivated in southern France and India. Its coveted essential oil is distilled using a meticulous hand-picked harvesting process that can only take place after nightfall, before the petals open – befitting of the scent's mystical appeal. Its nocturnal blossoming has earned it the nickname 'mistress of the night', which also alludes to its deeply seductive, velvety fragrance.

Base Note
With its deep, opulent aroma, sandalwood oil is prized for its rounded creamy notes which soften its naturally woody, gently spicy character. In Let the Dance Begin we have used the highest quality ethically-sourced and sustainably-produced sandalwood from the santalum album tree, growing in its natural habitat in Sri Lanka. Sandalwood album is celebrated for its exceptionally soft, milky tones and subtly enduring quality. The name ‘album’ refers to the white of the highly-fragrant heartwood of the tree. Sandalwood is a quite mystical scent which speaks to our subconscious and magically, its seductive scent keeps giving, even years after harvesting.

"I wanted to create a scent as irresistibly magnetic as two lovers in a dance of seduction. The warm pairing of exotic sandalwood with creamy sweet caramel reflects a woman who is totally at ease with her sensuality. I used feminine floral notes to create a flirtation with the subtle heat from citrus-infused spices. It's a liberating fragrance."
Dominique Preyssas

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