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Located in Barcelona, on 8500 square meters, where 90 employees work day and night to meet the needs of more than 90 countries in the world, and justify its position as a leader in areas such as preparations for dermatologists, professional salons and home use.
The company's policy is to allocate 40% of revenues to research and development. Impressive.

Thanks to its constant efforts in research, development and innovation, as well as the strict safety protocols it uses, Mesoestetic's team, composed of professionals with many years of experience, has raised the quality of Mesoestetic products to the highest in the world.
The effectiveness of Mesoaesthetic products in practical treatments has been proven by numerous professional (scientific and clinical) studies.

The clinical picture of melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne is easily improved with Dermamelan, Cosmelan and Acnelan. Mesoaesthetic chemical peels are the proud winners of the "THE BEST PEEL OF THE YEAR" award for two years in a row.
Mesoaesthetic treatments for professional use include ready-made treatments, chemical peels and Microneedling.

Finished treatments include:

38,000.00 RSD
118,000.00 RSD
138,000.00 RSD
13,000.00 RSD

Chemical peeling is a dermo-cosmetic procedure which, with the help of certain chemical substances, most often acid, accelerates the regeneration and exfoliation of the skin.
The peeling procedure removes the surface layer of the skin, acting at different depths of the skin tissue. Depending on how deep the peeling penetrates, there are SURFACE, MEDIUM DEEP and DEEP chemical peels.

Objectives of chemical peeling:
Purifying and increasing oxygen absorption, closing pores and improving texture, soothing wrinkles, smoothing skin tone, restoring natural glow, correcting skin imperfections, whitening and soothing pigment spots, reducing the appearance of acne, reducing the visibility of scars.
Chemical peeling, depending on the type of skin, indication and selected type of peeling, is usually performed in several treatments at intervals of 10 to 14 days.
The final result is visible a few weeks after the last peeling, while constant progress is noticeable day by day. The effect of peeling is long-lasting because it stimulates the renewal of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Treatment is not recommended:
* if you are pregnant or breast-feeding,
* if you suffer from immune diseases
* if less than 6 months ago you underwent surgery, radiation or laser treatment in the region where the peeling will be performed,
* if you have a viral infection in the region being treated
* if you are taking isotretinoin (Roaccutane).

Very simple, safe, effective and minimally invasive therapeutic technique.
Originally introduced for skin rejuvenation, it is now used for a very wide range of indications, including acne scars, acne, burn scars, collagen induction, pigmentation, wrinkles, enlarged pores, stretch marks, rosacea, alopecia.
Microneedling is suitable for all skin types, and skin prone to fibrotic reactions.
It is an advanced form of mesotherapy, we have a larger number of stitches (micro trauma) which provides greater mechanical stimulation and better penetration of active substances.
Microneedling is performed with a wireless device called M. Pen, developed in Spain with the aim of efficient, safe and gentle treatment with controlled microneedle stings depth (0.25-2.5 mm).
The mesotherapy cocktails we use in the treatment are C. Prof cocktails and X. Prof monocomponents, found in sterile ampoules for transdermal application and treatment of cosmetic problems of the face and body.

We advise you to avoid using self-tanning products on the face, neck and décolleté seven days before any treatment. Also, consider the details of your current home regimen, skin care and any recent peels, laser or corrective treatments, eyebrow tattoos, injections and waxing that you may have done in the weeks before coming to us.


Nega lica - Facial Care


Napomena: ovo su osnovne cene i mogu biti podložne promenama u zavisnosti od kombinacije tretmana. Sve cene su prikazane u dinarima.

1. Acnelan 3x 38.000rsd
2. Cosmelan 118.000rsd
3. Dermamelan 127.000rsd
4. Microneedling 11.500rsd / 15.800rsd
5. Beauty Shock 26.000rsd
6. NCTC Exclusive 20.000rsd
7. Jessner Peel 11.300rsd
8. Global Eyecon 13.000rsd
9. Global Eyecon hemijski piling 8.500rsd
10. Global Eyecon microneedling 8.500rsd
11. Global Eyecon pack (6) 65.000rsd
12. Cristal Fiber Maska 4.500rsd
13. Salicilna 10% 8.500rsd
14. Salicilna 30% 10.300rsd
15. Mlečna 8.200rsd
16. Mandelična 8.500rsd
17. Glikolna 8.500rsd
18. Azelaična 8.500rsd
19. Melanostop Tranex Peel 10.000rsd
20. Depigmentation Solution 13.500rsd
21. Photo-aging Solution 13.500rsd
22. Mesopeptidi 13.500rsd
23. Mesotox 1/3 lica 15.000rsd
24. Mesotox 1/3 lica pack (5) 62.000rsd
25. Hyaluron coctel 13.500rsd
26. Skin Mark Solution 11.000rsd
27. Jessner + Micro 20.000rsd
28. TCA Cena na upit

Napomena: Ovo su osnovne cene i mogu biti podložne promenama u zavisnosti od kombinacije tretmana. Sve cene su prikazane u dinarima.

8,500.00 RSD
20,000.00 RSD
11,000.00 RSD
13,500.00 RSD
15,000.00 RSD
13,500.00 RSD
13,500.00 RSD
65,000.00 RSD
8,200.00 RSD
10,300.00 RSD
8,500.00 RSD
11,300.00 RSD
20,000.00 RSD
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Contact us for a price