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La Perla Invisible Touch


Do you want to capture that amazing feeling of La Perla lingerie caressing your skin in a scent?

This floral, woody blend works its magic like soft cashmere over delicate lace. The scent is a sheer, feminine blend that includes sparkling pink pepper, rose petals and ylang-ylang. Sensual tones of patchouli and musk underpin the composition and offer their warm, secret embrace throughout the day.

A truly personal fragrance, it can be worn alone or layered with other La Perla scents to leave a trail that is as irresistible as you feel. The potential combinations are infinite.

Our petal pink glass bottle and yellow cap hint at the sheer femininity of your favourite La Perla lingerie, as well as the sensual scent inside. We've designed this dainty 30ml bottle so you can bring it with you in your handbag. It's also the ideal size for beginning to explore the practice of scent layering – it can be combined with your other La Perla Beauty perfumes for a truly unique scent, and used to create new fragrance moments to express yourself throughout your day.

Olfactory Family Woody Musky Floral

Top note

Like a secret power, just a tiny dose of these effervescent organic molecules work to make other ingredients more sparkling. Think of them as being like the bubbles in champagne. They add an extra touch of sophistication and enjoyment. The discovery of Aldehydes sparked a revolution in perfumery, and they have since been used in some of the most iconic perfumes in history.

Heart Note

Ylang Ylang
Known as ‘the flower's flower’ and offered by the Balinese to their gods, ylang ylang instantly evokes far-flung climes. It's prized for its glorious, exotic aroma – a unique scent that is akin to jasmine, but with a sensual twist of spice that’s utterly irresistible. The precious essential oil is carefully extracted through the steam distillation of its golden flowers, which are hand-picked from their vines and trees on tropical, humid mornings when their opulent fragrance is at its most intense.

Base Note

The delightfully unique musk Sorbettolide adds fresh and delicate raspberry notes to the softness of traditional white musks, to completely captivate the senses. Soft but long-lasting, it provides a beautiful depth and lively complexity that makes you feel clean, comfortable and supremely feminine.

"We created Invisible Touch to express the magnetic sensuality of La Perla lingerie. This meant capturing the energy you can't see – the confidence that exudes from a modern woman who's comfortable in her own skin. The contrasting clean and musky florals work together almost like shadows, for a playful yet intense femininity."
Dora Baghriche & Nicolas Bonneville

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