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La Perla Beauty Villa Sorrent


A spritz of Villa Sorrento brings you instantly back to an unforgettable summer on the sun-kissed shores of the Amalfi coast.

As you laze languorously in the shade of the villa's stone walls, you're mesmerised by the natural beauty of your luxury escapade.

Rejuvenating top notes of zesty blood orange, green mandarin and grapefruit recall the citrus groves of hilltop gardens. The delicate scent of the neroli buds and the lush citrus foliage playfully add to the effect, as hypnotic as the reflections and shadows when the day blends into sparkling dusk. Finally, it dries down to the earthy richness of woody, amber notes, enveloping you with gentle warmth, like those villa walls that absorbed the day's heat. You are left feeling energised, yet so relaxed.

The luxurious bottle is a celebration of Villa Sorrento's divine ingredients. Its pale green glass denotes its subtle scent profile and the verdant radiance of glossy leaves of the evergreen orange tree, while its cap is as blue and luminous as the sea. Crafted for its elegance and sustainability, this flacon is designed to be easily refillable, and to take permanent pride of place on your dressing table.

Olfactory Family Citrus Floral Musky

Top note
Green Mandarin Oil
This vibrant and natural oil is as radiant as a southern European summer. It's sustainably sourced in Calabria and Sicily, and its zesty floral tones conjure the beauty of these fertile, sun-soaked regions. The raw oil is skillfully cold-extracted from the unripe, green fruits of the Citrus Nobilis tree, using the typical Italian Pelatrice technique. This early harvesting ensures the scent is more floral than sweet. Our green mandarin oil is an Orpur ® (meaning pure gold) and is part of a small collection of the highest quality natural materials from our partner Givaudan.

Heart Note
The fresh aroma of neroli oil instantly evokes the orange groves of an Italian getaway, instilling a feeling of uplifting floral vitality. The scent is as airy as a summer breeze, yet surprisingly diffusive and radiant. The tall, glossy-leaved bitter orange tree produces small white flowers each spring, which are gathered by hand as part of a responsible sourcing program. Traditional steam distillation practices ensure the purity and lightness of the resulting fragrance oil.

Base Note
Like the gentle heat of sunlight on a summer's day, the woody note of Ambrofix® brings a warmth that enhances all other notes, as well as a sense of velvety smooth comfort and sensuality. This molecule has been innovatively produced as a carbon-efficient, cruelty-free mimicry of ambergris. At the heart of this breakthrough biotechnology is something beautifully simple – fermented sugar cane.

"I was inspired by the seduction of late summers on the Amalfi coast. I remember one night, a gentle breeze stirred the citrus groves, infusing the air with a luscious symphony of orange, mandarin and sun-kissed white flowers. It was this warm, radiant joy that I wanted to encapsulate in Villa Sorrento – and the soft sensuality of the woman who wears it. It is irresistibly comfortable."
Roxanne Kirkpatrick

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