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La Perla Beauty My Day


That priceless feeling of achievement– it’s your moment, enjoy it.

It's time to take the limelight and celebrate your accomplishment. With a surge of glowing pride, you realise that the hard work was all worth it. You've earned your prize, so now it's time to indulge. That's My Day.

My Day blends feelings of serene confidence with sensations of tingling excitement, taking you from professional prowess to the celebration of your success. Opening with the shimmering sophistication of citrus and vivacious pink pepper, the scent gives way to a refined heart of jasmine and iris as you receive your reward: the woody elegance of highly-prized orris. Then, the gently spicy, nutty Tonka Bean instills a warm sense of satisfaction. While many may admire from afar as you celebrate, there is a subtlety to this scent – only those who are close to you experience its full radiance.

My Day's pale green bottle is topped with a purple cap to represent the beautiful iris flower, whose precious roots provide the elegant heart of the fragrance. True to our passion for artisanal and sustainable design, our opulent glass flacon is also easy to refill, so you can let it inspire your most triumphant moments for years to come.

Olfactory Family Floral Musky Woody

Top note
Grown on the sunny slopes of Calabria in southern Italy, it might look like a lime, but the unique bergamot orange is actually an inedible, bitter orange. Historically used in classic eau de colognes, it gives a sweet, zesty freshness with a delicate floral note. In My Day, bergamot has been used to enhance and prolong the freshness of the floral bouquet in the heart.

Heart Note
A truly elegant ingredient, the orris root provides a warm combination of spicy, earthy and powdery floralcy. Orris, the root of the iris flower, is one of perfumery's most valued raw materials. The process of producing it has been handed down through generations – experienced growers tend each plant for three to five years until maturity, and then gently unearth the roots by hand in the age-old tradition. The extraction is an exacting, yet infinitely worthwhile, labour of love.

Base Note
Tonka Bean
Grown on ancient Tonka trees in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America, rose-coloured flowers produce a fruit that bears a precious single bean over an inch in length. Bringing a richness to the fragrance, it has a deep caramel warmth and a powdery, nutty, spicy touch. It becomes more noticeable as time goes on, which means that My Day is ideal if you are looking for a day to night fragrance.

"I wanted My Day to capture the poise and optimism of the elegant and highly-prized iris. Like the woman who wears this fragrance, it stands proud and confident, quietly demanding attention. Only after years of careful nurturing, the flower yields its precious scent. I've enhanced its glorious warmth, charm and individuality with radiant pink pepper. For me, it's the epitome of La Perla elegance and effortless glamour."
Dominique Preyssas

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