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La Perla Beauty Just Give Me Roses


It's simple, yet utterly profound – the memory of a rose can melt your heart.

Like your most cherished memories of flowers received and gifts exchanged, there is no token of love more meaningful than the rose. Just Give Me Roses saturates the universal charm of the iconic flower into a warm, rich bouquet.

The scent explores the rose's enchanting depths. Spicy top notes of oriental saffron and pink and black pepper evoke the friends, lovers and memories that have coloured your life. These aromas melt into the pure, single heart note of Damask rose , in celebration of all its infinite romance. As the fragrance develops, find yourself wrapped in the warm and woody intensity of amber-tobacco and musk, as if sitting on a cedarwood bench in summer, among a blooming rose garden.

Just Give Me Roses is held inside a heavy glass flacon, making for a beautiful addition to your dressing table. The burgundy bottle combines with a green cap to celebrate the natural beauty of the rose flower and its leaf, and the heady allure of the scent it holds inside. As it's made to be easily refillable, you can treasure this rich memory for years to come.

Olfactory Family Amber Floral Spicy

Top note
Known as 'red gold', saffron has been the most expensive spice in the world for hundreds of years. Each flower produces just three crimson threads from which the fragrance can be extracted. It provides a mesmerising, bittersweet scent with an intriguing contrast of soft honey tones with a hay-like quality. Our saffron accord, made from molecules identical to those found naturally in the plant, provides us with the softest, earthiest part of the spice’s character, like the warm air of a rose garden in bloom, while also reducing our reliance on this rare and precious spice in its natural form.

Heart Note
Damask Rose
The rose in all its forms is the epitome of love and sensuality. Who doesn’t love a rose in its natural setting, with its wafting velvety scent perfectly embodying its mesmerizing beauty?
In Just give me Roses we have created an intriguing, contemporary bouquet of the world’s most prized variety, the Damask Rose, blending the essences of flowers grown in both Turkey and Bulgaria, where the cultivation of roses is centuries old.
Rose harvesting has a season of just one month – May – and traditionally occurs in the early hours of the day when the flower blooms. Picked by hand, great care is taken to ensure the fragile flowers remain in pristine condition. With 3000 kilograms of flowers producing just 1kg of precious rose oil, it takes just a touch to bring those precious blooms to life in Just Give me Roses.

Base Note
This fragrant sweet, soothing essence brings a texture and warming glow to the composition. The clean, sweet facets of the noble cedar’s essential oil bring brightness while its creamy woodiness adds sensuality and comfort. Grown in the US state of Virginia, these magnificent hardwood trees are harvested with no damage to the environment, and the oil is extracted using steam distillation of only the sawdust, after the wood has been carefully used for other purposes. Part of a unique collection of quality natural ingredients known as Orpur® from our partner Givaudan.   

"This is a modern ode to the world's most beautiful flower. The warmth of vanilla brings out the velvety character of the Damask rose, while effervescent spices add personality, almost giving it an edge. It evokes a woman who is full of wonder, nostalgia and generosity – the mysterious power of her whisper, the bewitching energy of her touch. It's a vintage theme with a truly modern feel."
Dominique Preyssas

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