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La Perla About That Night

11,990.00 RSD
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Are you ready to be taken back to that delectable night, in all its most vivid detail?

As the darkness meets the innocent freshness of dawn, succumb to the memory of the night before – and the touch of passionate desire. About That Night teases the soft scent of the feminine with an irresistible, masculine depth, culminating in a truly intoxicating blend. Let your senses be seduced as you wake to his lingering fragrance intertwined with your own.

The scent opens with the crisp top notes of bergamot and lemon, which lead you to an enchanting caress of lavender. As orange blossom and jasmine intertwine with osmanthus, the heart of the enticing fusion evolves into a floral bloom. Finally, uncover a deep, delicious drydown of vetiver, vanilla and hints of oaky cognac. Reminiscent of the balmy essence of that night, it leaves behind an unforgettable trail of pleasure.

About That Night's midnight blue bottle is crowned with a radiant sunrise yellow cap , reminding you of the morning after that lustful, spellbinding night. The flacon is luxuriously crafted from recyclable heavy glass, and it's refillable, too, so you can keep it on your dressing table forever.

Olfactory Family Ambery Floral Aromatic

Top note

Like the sharp smell of uncut grass on a warm day, lavender is simultaneously relaxing and reviving. The cool and herbaceous scent has a masculine feel that is particularly evocative when interlaced with more feminine floral notes. Its earthy, aromatic notes evoke dream-like summer evenings in Provence, among the sweeping fields where these delicate purple flowers are grown. Traditional cultivation techniques are still in use, and only the finest young buds are picked on sunny days to capture the full allure of the fragrance.

Heart Note

Orange Blossom
With flower buds so delicate they must be hand-picked, orange blossom provides a soft, sweet complexity. At once clean and heady, it's considered by some as an aphrodisiac. Its honeyed scent is as warm as the Tunisian, Moroccan and Egyptian landscapes it grows in.

Base Note

The creamy fragrance of vanilla is temptingly sensual as well as comforting and soft, like an embrace. With a smooth complexity, its darker sweet notes are reminiscent of treacle. It originates from Mexico where, according to old Totonac lore, it is believed the daughter of a fertility goddess turned herself into a vanilla vine to become the epitome of pleasure. Vanilla pods are harvested only once a year and go through a long and delicate drying process that lasts up to 18 months, making it one of the most precious ingredients in perfumery.

"I wanted to create the impression of a very sexy, euphoric shared moment, by selecting ingredients that are also used in men's scents. Fresh, spicy lavender on top evokes those serene, lazy moments when awakening from the night before. The typically ambery dry-down of warm vanilla is encased with earthy tones of vetiver to take sensuality to a new level, like reflections of a passionate interlude."
Dominique Preyssas

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